• Daylindo is available on mobile/tablet and on PC to facilitate its use in the field and its rapid deployment.​
  • Daylindo allows the validation of micro-competencies on-the-fly to be in touch with the reality of the field.​
  • Daylindo manages the operational and triangular interactions between the learner, the trainer and the operational manager in a coherent process.​
  • Daylindo allows for a very granular and modular skills referential management to facilitate contextualization and layered skills management.​
  • Daylindo is a complete and flexible solution, in the hands of the client organisation, allowing the "pedagogy", the follow-up process and the animation of learners to be adapted to each context.
application mobile


Better monitoring of the development of skills in the workplace in order to


Skills on-the-job


Quality of learner support in its skills development process


The effectiveness of the overall skill development process


Obligations (quality process, performance interview)

As the pace of societal and business change accelerates, fuelled by digital transformation, businesses require continuous lifelong learning, which in turn accelerates the need for operational and more granular skills.

— Gartner Analysis.

Daylindo allows you to take advantage of lifelong learning, micro-certificates and a tiered approach to skills​

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