Daylindo works with roles. Each role have its own interface and allows the creation of a perfect end-to-end process from competency framework building to assigned activies on your mobile device

gestion des roles


The learner has access to the mobile-only and is required to do validation of the activities assigned to him/her by the referents.


The admin manages his space and has access to all features. He/She can assign the above roles. There can be multiple Admins in the system.

Operational referent

The operational referent follows the deployment of actions with his employees and sees their activities in real-time. There can be multiple Operational referents in the system.

Pedagogical referent

The pedagogical referent leads the sequences. Its role is to be the trainer and the facilitator. He only has access to the sessions, he leads and sees the activity of the members of his sequences.        


The conceptor has access to the authoring software in order to create content for all the referents.

Our professional services

We provide a multidisciplinary team to support our clients' projects


Pedagogical Support

Onboarding: facilitating the adoption of the Solution

Develop the design and support the pedagogical dimension of projects​


Customer Service

Available by chat and email


Technical Support

To integrate Daylindo into existing system


Community of partners

Expert consultants trained to support its deployment


Test project

Easy test project on first cohort before scaling up

The shortening lifespan of skills requires new approaches to talent development and management. Companies need to adopt a tiered approach to skills.

— Gartner Analysis.

Daylindo allows you to strengthen the company's ability to develop the skills of its employees

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